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At the Career Development Center we’ll help you connect with IU students. We specialize in connecting you with the best and brightest Hoosiers. We’re always looking to build relationships with employers and internship providers. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, let’s have a conversation about the different ways you can work with us.

Partner with Us to Recruit Students

There are numerous ways to partner with the Career Development Center to connect with IU students. Explore opportunities to engage with our services in the table below.

Be a Mentor through HoosierConnections

Get involved with students by volunteering to be a mentor in HoosierConnections. Students want to learn firsthand from professionals in their career fields of interest. These experiential learning opportunities are highly valued as they allow students to learn about careers and industries in a deeper, more meaningful way. These connections could involve a range of activities, including an informational interview, job shadowing, site visits, resume reviews, mock interviews, or sharing your professional knowledge and experience. The commitment can be as little as one hour a semester, working with just one student or more than one student at a time. 

Additional Opportunities for Partnership

In addition to the opportunities for partnership listed above, you can dive in deeper and help students learn more about your career field.

Host a Job Shadow

Employers can play a significant role in helping young people discover the world of work. Job Shadowing allows a student to spend a few hours (2-4) or a full day (6-8) with a professional working in the student's area of career interest. The student has the opportunity to experience first-hand what the job is really like and can establish the confidence to ask informed questions! This type of experiential learning can help students determine early on in their college career if their on the right path.

Conduct an Informational Interview

Informational interviews are a great way to help students understand the world of work, careers, and employers. Informational interviews involve allowing a student to interview you about your work and your own career journey. The time commitment is minimal, 30-45 minutes. Some of the information students want to learn about include: your career roadmap to your current position, a typical day for you, the joys and challenges of your job, any recommendations you may have for someone working to pursue employment in your field, and the culture of your organization.

Create an Externship

Externships are training programs related to an area of academic or career interest that aim to give participants practical experiences in their area of interest. Externships are similar to internships, however, they tend to be shorter in duration, usually only a few days or a couple weeks, and involve a combination job shadowing, informational interviewing, and possibly a brief hands-on experience. The goal of an externship is to provide students with additional insights into a specific career. The Career Development Center can connect you with top-notch students seeking externship experience.

Want to Be Featured on our Blog?

Whether you want to be featured in an employer spotlight or be a guest writer blogging about career insights and industry focused best practices, we want you!  Contact the Career Development Center to learn how to connect with students through our blog.

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